These days, with any demolition or construction company on a job site, safety regulations are highly taken into account for. While staying safe is everyone’s number one priority in this field, it is fully inspected to make sure there are no sudden incidents of danger involved. At Ace Demo, safety is always our number one priority. All incidents are taken into consideration and are always preventable.


Ace Demo puts safety first, and takes it into consideration even before taking on a new project.  All of our employees are fully trained on safety and health, have regular doctor visits, and even get drug tested to make sure they are always 100% qualified for the job.

We put our employees and our surroundings first, and making sure that they are in no harm or danger.  Ace Demo makes sure that all of our employees are wearing safety equipment at all times of the projects, protecting their faces and bodies. They are safe with respiratory protection as well as hearing. All of our employees wear special clothing that protect themselves from the job sites and harsh materials that can injure them.


We plan ahead to get our jobs completed with safety. We always make sure to provide our employees and the people around us with well-equipped materials and a healthy workplace.
Ace Demo are licensed insured contractors who are professionally trained in specific situations. We are all about being one step ahead of the game, and about finding the newest types of techniques to stay safe. Contact us at (818) ACE-DEMO to find out more about our safety, and feel free to educate yourself about our techniques.