In today’s society, it is crucial for each individual to constantly reuse and recycle. As most parts of the world are becoming more eco-friendly and helping our environment, there are still people who don’t take part in this action. Just by performing small and simple actions, you are one step closer to a healthier and more active environment. At Ace Demo, we take recycling very seriously when working on each project. Much more than half of an average demolition project’s materials can be recycled for future purposes.

“Green Demolition”

Ace Demo has been using “green demolition” tactics for many years. This is the most effective method and way to help the environment while in the process of demolishing. During the project process, Ace Demo plans ahead and keeps track of what they are recycling. Our team of professionals outlines a plan for waste-reduction, and takes action when we arrive on the job site.


Different types of metals are recycled by our team, such as aluminum, steel, and copper. When working with concrete, our team will recycle this as well, and the concrete will be crushed into other types of metals for future purposes. Other items that can be recycled or salvaged include: wood, bricks, carpeting, glass, gypsum, and more. We make it our priority to try and recycle or salvage as much materials from each project as possible.
Many residential and commercial owners underestimate how much a demolition company can recycle and re-produce. You may think that after a demolition project is in effect, there are just huge piles of debris everywhere. But, Ace Demo respects the environment and finds old and unwanted materials to be very significant for later use. We plan strategically and ahead of time to help reduce and eliminate material waste as much as possible. We have a strong belief behind “green demolition” and we believe that being eco-friendly is the best way to improve our future surroundings.