Deconstruction is the selective dismantling of any structure to save other parts such as wood and metal scraps that are still in good condition that can be possibly used for other purposes. Deconstruction gives some materials in the building a new use or new life, as it can be a part of another structure. More and more people consider deconstruction over demolition to keep useful materials that may decrease cost of acquiring new ones for the same purpose.


In some cases where there are precious stones or rocks that are used in construction of a building, deconstruction is being done to save these components. Some materials that were used in the construction before possibly have more worth today than before, thus the need of saving these materials is required.


There are two types of deconstruction – the structural and non-structural. For the non-structural deconstruction, it involves retrieving materials like doors, windows, glass, cabinets, tables, chairs, and other appliances. These items can be used for other purposes like reconstruction of the same building or can be sold for bargain. For an increasing price of such materials, it will be a wise decision to do non-structural deconstruction or often commonly termed as soft stripping.

On another note, there is another type in which items like stones, bricks, rocks and wood are so valuable that they needed to be reclaimed. This happens like when a church built hundred years ago needed deconstruction because the structure was destroyed by natural phenomenon and the extinct wood and ancient bricks should be saved. This is called structural deconstruction.


It is common to do soft strip first before salvaging non-structured components. This may take weeks unlike a demolition that can occur in a day or less. Just be very careful in doing non-structural deconstruction because there might be some harmful chemical around the site like lead paint and asbestos that are hazardous and may cause health problems.


For an economy where every vital item for survival increases its price due to inflation and some economic trends, deconstruction just might be a convenient solution to recycle and reuse salvaged materials either in construction of structure on site or off site. Saving much on cost will mean a lot for anybody. On the other hand, salvaging materials that are still in good condition will help the environment in a way that not everything that will be used for the construction will be new. Not every wood material will require cutting a tree for lumber because there are still available and reusable materials available. This is a significant consideration.


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