Grading Services

When you decide on having grading services provided by Ace Demolition, you can be sure that the process of leveling and grading will be done efficiently and within deadline. Grading is known to be the measure of land such as hillsides, canyons, and river bands and beds, in order to be sure that the area is a feasible and desirable spot for construction. It is important to understand that if there is construction to be done or should there be a formation of any structure, grading is crucial to determine that you are able to move ahead with your project. It will ensure that the area is ready for construction.


Grading is very significant. If the area in which you wish to have construction done is steep, it would take a lot of energy to anyone to pass through it. With grading and leveling, it can make it the area more accessible. If you do not have grading services done then you may have some repercussions, which is poor construction that will not be sustainable and will eventually cost you thousands in deconstruction services.

Ace Demolition experts will take environmental measures in order to put erosion-control plans into place in order to keep the original soil intact. Our combination of state-of-the-art, heavy-duty equipment and impeccable reputation for client satisfaction will ensure that your construction project will go off without a hitch. They will take the time to survey the entire landscape so that there is a proper design for the project and carefully thought out implementation of the project. Ace Demolition knows that every project starts not from the ground up, but from underground and up.


Excavation Services


If your property is experiencing some type of foundation damage, it is best to consider excavation services from Ace Demolition. If your building is over then years old and is beam and pier then you should consider having one of our demolition experts examine your building. Some factors that can contribute to foundation damage is poor drainage, sewer or water leaks, insufficient ventilation resulting in a crawlspace with high humidity, and moisture changes in the soil.

Ace Demolition experts will inspect your home and look for the following signs of foundation damage:

-Walls that are separating from the building

-Door which no longer open or close properly

-Slopping or uneven floors

-Cracks in the interior or exterior finish

Ace Demolition will ensure that you will receive all the necessary information and evaluation recommendations needed so that you may move forward with your excavation plans. We will use the latest advancements in technology, such as trenchless technology, to install pipes and underground utilities while minimizing the surface damage to your property.

Compaction Services

Compaction services, also known as removal and re-compaction services is a process in where waste and soil are removed or compressed in order to save space in a certain area. Ace Demolition recommends compaction services if you are looking to conserve space. If you are looking for removal and re-compaction, Ace Demolition will use a compactor to condense waste materials in order to reduce the size and space. This process is usually done in landfills in order to conserve airspace.


When Ace Demolition compacts the soil, it is to ensure that the foundation will act as a support to whatever is built over it. If soil is not compacted, the foundation will be weak and will give way during a flood or heavy rains. The method of recompaction is best in order to gain back the strength of the soil. Our demolition experts will conduct a proctor compaction test, which is standard in order to determine the methods that will be needed to achieve a strong, compacted soil. There are three types of compactors used in construction, which are the jumping jack, road roller, and plate compactor; all used to crush rocks under concrete foundations. The plate compactor is used to create a flat and level grade surface, while a jumping jack is for a smaller project.