Asbestos are dangerous minerals that were once in popular demand because of its heat resistance, insulating commercial and residential properties, and more. The problem that many people were not aware about asbestos is that it is highly toxic. In today’s society, it is illegal to contain asbestos because of all of its dangers. Asbestos is proven to cause mesothelioma cancer in humans who are exposed to it’s toxins for far too long. Many people were and still are affected by this horrible chemical every year.


Lead continues to produce very high health risks among many people. It is an extremely toxic metal that often times was found in our drinking water, air pollution, residential paint, and much more. Lead still continues to be around us, and still has a chance at exposing itself to us. If one is affected by lead, their lives can seriously be in danger from lead poisoning. This potentially leads to mental and physical disabilities if affected badly. This is very very dangerous for young children, if you have any type of lead toxins in your home.


Ace Demo’s team of professionals is very experienced in abatement services for our clients. All of our employees are fully trained and certified in the abatement of asbestos and lead. Our team will find these dangerous elements and safely remove them so you can live a safe and toxin-free life. Since these two materials pose as the most destructive threats to your environmental household, it is our job to ensure your well-being. This is why Ace Demo is so passionate about asbestos and lead abatement, because we care about all individuals’ health.

For questions about this service we offer, call us anytime at (818) ACE-DEMO. We will help you further to understand these bad elements and why you need to take action.